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original wedding favors

Original wedding favors: What to give?

One of the things our couples ask for advice most is about the wedding favors. They look for ideas for original wedding favors to give their guests that are enjoyable, useful, and won't end up forgotten in a drawer. So,…

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How to create tje seating plan for your wedding

How to create the seating plan for your wedding

One of the most challenging tasks couples face when organizing a wedding is the seating plan, the arrangement of guests at the banquet tables. Don't worry, if you're starting to organize the guest tables for your wedding, we have all…

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wedding vows

What are wedding vows and how to write yours

The exchange of vows between the bride and groom during the ceremony is one of the most beautiful and romantic moments of the wedding. It's the moment when the couple expresses words of love and commitment to each other. If…

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Wedding timing

How it works the wedding timing

One of the most common questions of g our couples is: How does the timing of a wedding work? When each thing is done and how long it takes every part of the wedding. We solve all the doubts about…

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How to organize a wedding

How to organize a wedding step by step

Probably you are recently engaged and now is the time to start thinking and organizing the wedding. So exciting! But maybe you don’t know where to start, you have a thousand doubts, and you are overwhelmed in seeing the amount…

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Tips para elegir el menú de boda

Wedding menu: tips to choose the perfect one

Choosing the wedding menu is one of the most difficult tasks for the bride and groom when organizing the wedding. Will everyone like it? It will be right? It will be a good combination...? And a thousand more questions that…

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